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MIT GO GREEN - Plant Distribution & “Parley” CSR Project

“Help to protect every bit of green” MIT – Go Green, distributed 60 fruit plants amongst the staff members on 07th July 2017. This is one of the initiatives implemented to promote Green, whilst recompensing the pollution caused to the environment and in some measure help preserve Mother Nature for future generations. The staff too in turn cooperates with the team in their “help the green” concept and ensures that the plants are taken care of and give feedback to the team on the plant’s progress.

The plants take home a message to the young and old alike, that it is never too late to plant…. Join us as we go green to save green!

MIT/Panalpina handled the first shipment of “Parley”, the Project initiated by Adidas. Parley is a UN NGO that helps Adidas to collect plastics bottles from land and ocean to reuse for their production in Taiwan factory. The project was initiated in Male and will commence in Sri Lanka in the very near future.

Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans. MIT/Panalpina is glad to be able to provide logistics support to Adidas and assist in the CSR project to reduce plastic pollution and promote plastic recycling.