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MIT Cargo – continues its CSR & Go Green in Giribawa

MIT continues to gain momentum through their driven attitude towards maintaining a leading stance in their CSR activities. Working towards the less fortunate in the community and promoting a greener environment is valued as something we hold close to our hearts. On 19th November 2016 MIT was glad to declare open a Laboratory for the students of Giribawa Gampola Maha Vidyalaya a much needed facility that was in deprivation.

The Environment and the pollution caused by industrial operation is another area of concern. Considering the number of containers, volume (kgs) movement and with the assistance of the Central Environmental Authority a formula was derived to consider the number of plants that’s needed to be given to the environment annually. 520 plants were distributed amongst 03 schools in Giribawa in 2016 and were planted by the students who are in complete charge of taking care of the plants. This gives the young ones the opportunity to love green, to know its importance, to experience the joy in reaping its harvest and to preserve it in years to come.

1,595 plants have been planted in Giribawa over the years and it is comforting to know that MIT has in some measure given back to the environment and helped to make a greener environment, preserving Mother Nature for future generations.

21st January 2017 was another memorable day for the team. They visited 3 houses in Giribawa out of which one was completely built and the other two partially completed. This worthy cause was made possible by the staff members who voluntarily contributed a percentage of funds received from the Hayleys Employees Share Scheme. Staff who were not entitled too contributed generously. The family members were very happy and grateful for the support we extended and the joy brought to their faces cannot be described in words.