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Human Touch adds much value to shipment delayed by courier service…..

A courier shipment of which the air way bill had an error in weight was delayed. Hence the shipment which was scheduled to reach Mumbai on 17th February was still awaiting approval from Sri Lanka High Commission in Mumbai on 15th February. This particular shipment was 13kgs of Tea to be delivered to Mumbai for a festival commemorating the National Day on 17th February. Understanding the customer’s necessity and the failure to deliver on time, the shipment was hand carried by a member of our team; Asanga Chandana on 16th Morning. It was indeed an adventure for Asanga to take on this task, the weight of the shipment was well beyond the limited amount permitted to carry, getting passed the customs clearing was another hurdle he had to clear. Breaking through all obstacles, Asanga delivered the shipment to the customer well in advance. The customer was indeed grateful and overjoyed for the care and concern MIT showed in delivering the shipment well on time amidst the limitations faced. Well done Asanga!